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Beer and Wine

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Bubble Tea

A drink that is fun to eat! Refreshing and delicious, a cool blend of flavors served over sweet and chewy pearls.


Strawberry Honey Dew Mango Lychee Cantaloupe Coffee Peach Taro Thai Tea Green Tea

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Pepsi,Diet Pepsi, Dr.Pepper, Sierra Mist, Mountian Dew, Orange Crush *free refills

Iced Tea Sweet/Unsweet*

Young Coconut Juice

Fresh Squeezed Limeaide

Strawberry Limeade

Soybean Milk

Hot Jasmine Tea*

Vietnamese Iced Coffee w/ Condense Milk

Aquafina Bottled Water

Thai Iced Tea

Flavored Teas

Passion Tea Green Tea Black Tea

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Prices may Vary.

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